12.12.2010 RCS Weihnachtsausstellung Olten – Jugendklasse – Qualifikation: sehr gut

Richterbericht: good temperament, handler has to find the right pace on the move, she’s a little stilted on the move, pleasing head, with intelligent expression, good ear set, good lay back of shoulder, firm, mature body, a little weak in the backend – Mr. J. Richardson

24.06.2016 Work & Show in Aichach – Offene Klasse – Qualifikation: Vorzüglich

Richterbericht: exc. type, beautiful feminine head, correct expression, well-set neck, very good topline when standing, soft on the move, slightly slooping in her croupe, very good lay of shoulder, quite good upper arm, correct body, moderate angulation at rear, moves close behind, quite good stride form the side, very good coat, excellent presentation – Mrs. Lena Hägglund, Sweden