09.12.2012 RCS Weihnachtsausstellung in Olten, Jüngstenklasse , Qualifikation: versprechend

Richterbericht: good overall balance, correct straight front, good depth for age, sound mover, would prefer a slightly tighter eye – Mr. J. Daltrey

16.02.2013 IHA Fribourg, Jugendklasse, Qualifikation: gut

10 1/2 months + looking in size – feminim but v. fine in head & i would like better lay of shoulder + more ….  to improve her front movement + her chest. G rib, move w. drive, not in full coat yet – very sweet disposition + well handled – Mme M. Holm-Hansen

17.02.2013 IHA Fribourg, Jugendklasse, Qualifikation: sehr gut

Richterbericht: Good prop. but needs more maturity, well shaped head, eye sims a bit lose, short neck, straight shoulder & upper arm, needs more spring of ribb, long line, sloper over the croup, needs more bend of stifle, nice coat, could move with more drive, nice temp. – M.K. Svensson

08.12.2013 RCS Weihnachtsausstellung in Olten, Zwischenklasse, Qualifikation: vorzüglich

Richterbericht: nice liver bitch made in a smaller mold, nice head shape, neck into good shoulders, level topline, well off the bone but feet need to tighten – Mr. E. Harrison

22.02.2014 IHA Fribourg, Zwischenklasse, Qualifikation: vorzüglich 3. Platz

Richterbericht: liver bitch, almost 2 years, good balanced, good head and expression, good eye color for a liver, could have a better neck and front angulation, very open front feet, nice body, beautiful hind angulation. Good coat, tail set a little low, powerful gate, a little loose in front – G.J. Toeters-Riethoff

23.02.2014 IHA Fribourg, Zwischenklasse, Qualifikation: vorzüglich 4. Platz

Richterbericht: nicley balanced young bitch with a good head, good in front, the shoulders well placed, develed in the body, moves very sound – Colin MacKay

10.06.2015 World Clubshow Milano, Offene Klasse, Qualifikation: vorzüglich (shortlisted) Richter: J. Thirlwell (GB)

11.06.2015 World Dogshow Milano, Offene Klasse, Qualifikation: vorzüglich (shortlisted) Richter: S. Whittaker (GB)

13.12.2015 Weihnachtsausstellung RCS, Gebrauchshundeklasse, Qualifikation: vorzüglich Richter: Ch. Atkinson 

Richterbericht: fair and steady on the move, a little close behind, going away, stands well, flowing out well, would prefer tighter knockled feet, allmond shaped eye, pleasing head

24.06.2016 Work & Show in Aichach – Gebrauchshundeklasse – Qualifikation: Vorzüglich Richter: Lena Hägglund (SE)

Richterbericht: beautiful elegant head, well-shaped light eye, exc. top line and tail, very good forechest, short brisket with a good depth, well angulated at rear, moves freely showing power, long stide, slightly loose in her front moments, not in her best coat today, well presented